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Directors’ Message

The concept of motivation and achievement are fundamental and permeate every aspect of school life.

We recognise that all children are unique and as such, keep our class sizes small enough to provide each one with a tailored and well-rounded academic experience by using the differentiated instruction method. However, learning is not confined to the classroom or to the core subjects curriculum.

Our pupils participate in a broad range of cultural and extra-curricular activities which complement and enrich their coursework and prepares them to be positive role models.

We provide an environment of “A Home away from Home” for babies and toddlers at Granma’s House where we provide the kind of care that would warm the heart of any nursing mother and give her peace about the security of her baby.

Our programme allows for flexibility for pupils who have specific areas of strength, we build on and further develop these strengths.

After the preschool age of 5+ yrs, there ought to be a seamless transit into the proper schooling era. This is where we have a prepared environment, equipped with state of the art facilities, qualified and experienced staff and a curriculum that is a rich abridge of the Nigerian and British curriculum. We also have Grades K, 1 and 2 covering a wide range of subject and extracurricular activities (view full syllabus).

I hope that you will come to Front Range Schools to meet us, take a tour physically and virtually and see for yourself what sets us apart from the other private schools in the area.